Wraparound Corrugate Packaging Machines
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Wraparound Case Packers

Polypack's wraparound case packing machines represent a viable alternative to traditional RSCs. Instead of using pre-folded, glued corrugate blanks, wraparound cases are delivered as flat, die-cut blanks which are formed around the product itself. The wraparound process eliminates corrugate overlaps, which contributes to the monetary savings.

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Polypack News
February, 2011
Nested Packs™ in the News

St. Louis based bottled water company completely eliminates corrugate use in their plant by adopting Polypack's Nested Packs™ and Tango shrink wrap bundler. Read more

February, 2011
Fardier de Cugnot Revived!

The Tampa Bay Automobile Museum and Polypack Engineers have completed their replica of the world's first automobile, Nicolas Cugnot's Fardier. The reproduction Fardier has made its debut in Paris at Retromobile 2011. Read more


“Johanna foods has had good experience themselves with Polypack equipment, and they suggested we give it a look,” says CEA president Michael Skoczek. “Polypack came to our facility and showed us their capabilities. In both cases, the systems met our needs, and both have worked out well.”